• Transformational Coaching

  • Transformational Coaching is an opportunity to take your life to the next level in the ways you desire.  Having a knowledgeable, experienced, supportive and compassionate coach and mentor who believes in you and in the innate intelligence of your body and being, sees your potential and wants the best for you, is a gift you can give yourself that can catapult you to a whole new level in your life.  Working with a coach gives you someone to which you hold yourself accountable and who lovingly challenges you to move through whatever is standing in the way of you creating a more fulfilling life.  Coaching is an opportunity to receive support so you can be your best.  It can expedite your growth process and save you years or decades of living in a way that doesn't serve you.  This is an investment in yourself that will pay you back many times in numerous ways throughout your life

    Many of us know a lot about what we need to do to live more healthfully or create a more fulfilling life, but we haven't been able to make the changes on our own.  Or perhaps you just know that you are meant for more...that you aren't satisfied with yourself or your life as it is, and you want to do what is needed to grow and change.  Or perhaps you are in a big time of transition in your life and you know you need help to navigate that change.  The desire for coaching comes through a desire for growth and excellence, and through an understanding of the value of having support to reach the next level of transformation. 

    Sally ClintonThrough years of experience, keen insights, an open heart, training in Transformational Coaching, Ayurveda and yoga - the original system of self-realization, and various other personal growth systems and modalities, an understanding of individual constitutions, and two decades of experience, I am well-suited to help you transform your life in the ways you desire to a place that serves you more optimally.

    I love to work with clients with a sincere interest in taking their lives to the next level through any of four areas: Health & Healing, Life, Personal Development & Spiritual Growth, and Holistic Business.

    Coaching with me can help you with...

    Health and Healing
    •  learn about your unique constitution
    •  understand what foods and dietary choices will best support your constitution
    •  identify current imbalances and how to support your body in healing
    •  shift from being burnt out and neglecting yourself to a life anchored in self-care
    •  cultivate an appreciative, accepting and cooperative partnership with your body
    •  take your health, diet and lifestyle to the next level
    •  have support to work through or recover from a health challenge or crisis
    •  establish a daily routine and practices that support you well on an ongoing basis
    •  open to your ideal weight and health so you can feel and be your BEST
    •  navigate through a major life transition
    •  figure out what is next as you become an empty nester, go through a divorce or approach retirement
    •  have support you as you move through a big change in life like career, relationship, family, death of loved one, or enter a new phase of life
    •  open up to your true calling and life purpose
    •  examine those areas of your life that are not working for you, and look at how to change them
    •  improve your relationships
    •  create a life that is fulfilling at all levels
    Personal Development/Spiritual Growth
    •  move through blocks and self-limiting beliefs 
    •  get out of feeling stuck or unfulfilled
    •  let go of resentment
    •  move from being externally focused to internally guided
    •  open to a deeper relationship with yourself and the Divine
    •  step into a place of authenticity
    •  open to an internal experience of happiness and fulfillment
    •  anchor in spiritual life and practice that is true to you
    •  embody your most empowered Self
    Holistic Business
    I offer Holistic Business Coaching for Healing Arts Practitioners and Yoga Teachers ready to take their businesses to the next level and serve their clients with top level care while creating a business that is sustainable, enjoyable, financially supportive, and self-nurturing.
    •  get out of exhaustion and overwhelm
    •  identify your ideal clients
    •  explore possibilities for bricks and mortar or online business
    •  determine the optimal business model for YOU
    •  create a business that serves your clients optimally and lights you up
    •  increase your income while working less and serving more
    •  avoid burnout and anchor your life in self-care
    •  learn to think out of the box and open to inspired action and guidance
    •  create a business you love that is sustainable and supportive at all levels

    When I work with individual clients, I support them whether I am with them or not, and am continuously opening up to the best ways to assist them.  My commitment to you goes far beyond the individual appointments we have together.  Because of the quality of service and attention I desire to provide for each client, I only take on a limited number of Coaching Clients at a time.  A minimum three-month commitment is required.    

    Please contact me to set up a time for a complimentary conversation to explore the possibility of working together.  Call 207-374-3800 or use the contact form on this site here.  I look forward to hearing from you!

    Some comments from clients:

    "Stuck!  I was - stuck.  Not knowing how to move forward, unsure of what my next step in life was.  Wondering- what is life about now that I have retired? Is there a next step or do I just sit back and take it easy for next 25 years?   In addition, for the past few years, I've struggled with digestive issues that have recently made me feel confined, not wanted to travel for fear of having digestive upsets. This combination was becoming stifling and self limiting.

    I learned about Sally's work from a good friend and decided to sign up for the fall cleanse she offered in 2013.  I was hopeful I could begin healing my digestive tract. That was the beginning. I met Sally first on-line during the cleanse group calls.  Then I attended one of the local meetings for  cleanse participants. The mood was light and friendly and the information very valuable. The on- line resources offered provided a wealth of information about healthy eating and self-care.

    For the past few months I have been attending one- on one coaching sessions with Sally. I feel so blessed to have had this time to dig into “my stuff” with a skilled and caring guide.  Sally suggested books and readings that have allowed me to access hidden parts of myself and acknowledge these.  She supported me with open and honest discussions of my life's past experiences helping me to sift through and find meaning,forgiveness, hope, and new direction.  She helped me discover my unique body constitution and how to best support it with the right foods and supplements.  Now, I feel I'm beginning a new chapter of my life. I don't know exactly where I'm going but I am taking some steps forward.   I've begun working toward some goals I had previously only dreamed of.  I've learned to listen to my body's wisdom  and make decisions from a place of inner knowing rather than from what I think is expected of me.  These are big steps for me. I would not be in this place if not for Sally. She has been a compassionate, intelligent, intuitive and skillful guide.   My heartfelt thanks!  I hope to continue this journey and strongly recommend this coaching process to anyone who feels struck or is seeking a new or deeper experience with their life."  ~ Private Client

    “I really want to thank you for the work we did during the last three months.  I have really fallen back on a lot of what you and I talked about and I find it so incredibly helpful and liberating.  You gave me more tools to work with and I just want to say thank you.  Your outlook and teachings are so much deeper than I have experienced in the past. I am grateful for that.”  ~ Private Client

    "IT is awesome and I have you, my dear, to thank for helping me sort through the dream and create the reality.  I am very grateful for all your time and coaching with me.  I can hardly believe it is actually happening.  But it is....I have learned so much from you but want and need to learn more...." ~  M.S.

    "Oh Sally - a million thanks for these resources, for your wisdom, for your positive feedback and challenges to me, and for your support.  It has made a greater impact than you can know!"

    "I don't think I would have been able to or allowed myself to [do this] right now if it weren't for the work I did with you.  I still carry that with me and again...Thank You." ~ J.S.

    "Sally’s life coaching came to me at the best possible time in my life as I was in a major
    life transition. I was going through a divorce and needing to move forward from a stay-at-
    home Mom and Yoga Instructor to an independent single Mom. It was a very
    overwhelming time for me. In the 10 sessions that I spent with Sally, she helped me to
    hone tools that I already had, and took my knowledge to a much deeper level. Through
    Sally’s guidance, I was able to remain open to all the Universe has to offer! At one of
    my lowest times in my life, this was a huge step for me. As a result, I am able to receive
    the gifts offered to me.  There is not a week that goes by that I do not utilize some aspect of those precious coaching sessions. Sally was intuitive, and loving, and with a gentle firmness guided me into realizing the Truths that resided inside of me. I will be forever grateful!! ~ N.H.

    You and your life are worth it!