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After racking my brain for the right name for the studio for far too long, I finally surrendered.  My mind had been obsessed for what seemed like forever, and it wasn’t making any progress.  So, I finally let go.

Shortly thereafter, in the spaciousness that comes from surrender, the name arrived in a whisper, as if spoken from Life itself.  I was ambling along during one of my morning walks…taking in the soft moist air…the majesty of the beautiful tall pines that line our drive…the diffuse morning light….the sweet smells and quiet sounds of the woods…and the happy prance of my pup…and in some formless form I heard or saw or felt the word, “Ayushri”.

It wasn’t a word I had ever seen or heard before, although I did know both of the words from which is it made.  I loved the sound and had the feeling this was IT.  But I wasn’t sure if it was proper Sanskrit.  Once I was home, I contacted the American Sanskrit Institute (ASI) to find out if it was a real Sanskrit word.  They did a bit of research and said it was, but it would be spelled differently than how I had envisioned.  I asked if they were sure, because…well, because I guess I can be a persistent bugger.  And despite the fact that I was talking to what is probably one of the best authorities on the Sanskrit language in this country, I somehow thought I knew better…?  Hmmm.  Well, some part of me had the sense it was supposed to be spelled the way I saw it.  In any case, a few days later I got a note from ASI saying that my persistence paid off.  They found an ancient Vedic form of the word spelled the way I had asked about.  Ayushri it is.

Ayushri, pronounced AH-YUSH (like push)-REE ,is made up of “Ayush” which means “Life, and “Shri” which means “splendor, beauty, or radiance”.  Vyaas Houston a well-known Vedic scholar and founder of ASI stated he thought the best translation of Ayushri is “the magnificent splendor of Life”.  How beautiful is that?  I also experience it as the Reverence that comes from the beauty, the splendor and the radiance of Life.

I kneIMG_2481w that, for many, it would be hard to pronounce.  I knew it would be hard to remember.  I knew it might be hard to spell.  I knew that it would be too weird or unfamiliar for some.  I knew that from a business sense, it really didn’t make sense.  I also knew it was perfect.  If I lived my life trying to make sense, I probably wouldn’t have followed my heart to create a wonderful Life doing what I love, living in a gorgeous place on this planet, married to the Love of my Life (and he knew Ayushri was perfect even more than I did!), being part of an amazing community. with many wondrous adventures and experiences under my proverbial belt.

My hope is that through the programs and classes that I offer and whatever is shared at the studio, you will be supported in opening more fully to the beauty and splendor of Life, through your Self, the miracle of your body, and the magnificence of Nature in all its forms.  In doing so, may you more fully enjoy the magnificent splendor of YOUR Life!

In the mean time, I will do my best to remember that sometimes the easiest way to figure something out is to simply let go.