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Join us for the upcoming Fall Detox & Cleanse!

Your body is designed to be healthy! But it needs support to be in its most vibrant state through healthy eating, living, and thinking. Most of us do regular maintenance for our cars or houses, but often don’t offer the same care for our bodies. Seasonal Cleanses are a great way to provide some seasonal maintenance and care for your body while clearing out toxins and developing a healthier diet and lifestyle habits. Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Health Empowerment Coach, Sally Clinton, offers seasonal cleanses in the Spring and Fall that are uniquely designed with various cleanse options to ensure the cleanse will be balancing and optimal for your unique system. These cleanses have been highly successful and popular and we’d love to have you join us! You can participate from wherever you are as the cleanse content is covered online or through teleclasses. For more information or to register:¬†Fall Detox & Cleanse.

Here are some of the benefits previous cleanse participants have experienced:


  • Lost those stubborn last 5-20 pounds and kept them off
  • Balanced blood sugar levels
  • Made lasting positive changes in their diet & lifestyle
  • Felt great in their bodies with fewer aches and pains
  • Resolved health issues
  • Uncovered food allergies or intolerances
  • Gained greater awareness regarding the effects of foods
  • Learned simple ways to eat more healthfully
  • Became free of allergies
  • Still experience positive health benefits a year later
  • Deepened their connection to the intelligence of Life
  • Felt more energetic, clear, and vibrant
  • Read on for information on the next upcoming cleanse!

Comments from cleansing participants:

“I found the cleanse with Sally to be even more valuable than I’d anticipated. I’d hoped to gain some balance and lose some weight but what I got, besides both those things, was a deeper appreciation and increased respect for the huge and critical role food plays in our lives along with more knowledge and will to improve my relationship with it. I’ve made permanent changes as a result of these ten days. Sally was a perfect guide for this journey.” ~ S.S

“It [the cleanse] was so amazing, and so much more than I ever expected or hoped it would be. It was transformative. Thank you, Sally, for a wonderful, life-affirming experience. I feel so grateful to you and the group. You are the best!” ~ R.L.

“I felt so much lighter and much less sluggish while [doing the cleanse]. Longer-term, I have not had any indoor allergies since doing the cleanse, even after several months. I used to have chronic indoor allergies and have tested extremely high insensitivity to dust mites, causing lots of stuffiness, phlegm, and sneezing frequently in the mornings…During the cleanse, I noticed that my head and sinuses felt clearer, and since then I have not experienced my usual indoor allergies. It used to be the case that I absolutely had to sleep with a window open, even in the middle of winter, or else I would wake up sneezing. This winter, following the cleanse, this was not necessary, and it has been wonderful not to be sneezing so often! Many, many thanks, Sally, for this rich experience and for your support. You’ve given me many valuable tools that I hope to put to use gradually over the long term, and I look forward to doing another cleanse to help solidify the awareness and lessons I’ve gained through this process.” ~ J. T.

“I couldn’t believe how supported I felt. A small thing like om’ing with the group as I listened to the recording felt so good/connecting, and I would recommend inviting any future distance cleansers to do it, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you for leading such a wonderful experience. You had everything perfectly planned, well-thought-out, which made the whole experience very special and nurturing.” ~ H.S.

“The Cleanse was a very positive experience for me… I think you do a great job on all levels of preparing us for it and guiding us through in a gentle, not authoritarian way. I feel like I am still processing the experience and it has influenced the way I eat and think about food. I went into the cleanse hoping to change the eating habits I had been sliding into and I was able to do that as well as begin some new healthy habits. I feel like it is an ongoing process of moving toward better health…I lost about 5 pounds so effortlessly and it has stayed off, which amazes me. It also amazed me that I was able to stick to the cleanse guidelines at the time….so I discovered a discipline I did not know I had…So this was good for me.” ~K.B.

“This was a wonderful way to acknowledge and start taking better care of my body. I gained so much insight into my body and some of its reactions to certain foods. My smell and taste sensations are heightened and I was thrilled by the variety of raw vegetables and all of their various tastes and textures. It has jump-started me into a more mindful approach to eating. Sally’s knowledge and preparation were thorough and educational. Thank you, Sally, and all of my fellow group members for your support.” ~ Dr. J.

“Doing a cleanse with Sally is a lovely, life-changing experience. Sally’s calm, nurturing, and supportive approach to eliminating the terrible toxins from our diets and embracing…[healthier options]…is compelling. We all came out of the cleanse converted to healthier eating and drinking-and glowing!” ~L.M.

“The Cleanse affected both my body and my spirit. The practices unclogged the flow of energy and love between the two. I feel more alert to all creation. What rises up in me after the Cleanse is gratitude for life, for my family and friends, for the beauty that surrounds us and is there to jolt us into joy and appreciation. Sally is the perfect leader because she is what she eats…warm, caring, knowledgeable, healthy, and strong. It has changed my life.” ~ E.S.

“Thank you, Sally, for providing this experience, it has gotten me on a journey of weight loss and better self-care that I have needed to be on for a long time.” ~J.A.

“As I have often said to you, and I’m sure many others have as well, you are such a gift to us all, and this community. This cleanse experience has been a life-changing gift – to my body and my spirit – opening up my awareness to the wisdom of Ayurveda.”~F.G.

“The meetings were very informative. It seems as if you have learned a lot from doing these cleanses and they just keep getting better and better! You are incredibly there for all of us, and supportive and your emails and links were very timely. This time I really got how much better my body feels when I eat in a healthy way. I now see that I get a headache immediately from sugar. I feel more even, more grounded, more able to deal with difficulties [when I eat healthfully]. I sleep better too. Although the cleanse itself was not without its difficult bumps in the road…..after the cleanse for a few days…I felt better than I have felt in years…My body remembers how good it feels to eat more simply and so I want to keep it up…I have fewer cravings. I lost a few pounds, not much but some, this time, which gave me hope that I can lose weight if my body is being treated correctly. I gave up caffeine for the first cleanse, and have not gone back. I think you are truly amazing. I was saying to [a friend] today that life is so full of distractions and both Yoga and the cleanses are like going to church or something, where you get to be for a brief time just quiet with yourself and your body….and then the readings and the things you inspire us to think about, are spiritual and beautiful. It is such a rare moment in time. And a gift. We are so lucky that you are in Blue Hill…I feel so lucky. Thank you, Sally!” ~ R.L.

“Getting to a very basic/healthy way of eating was just what I needed. I think all the recipes, teas, supplements and your direction/support made it work. I lost 10 pounds and have kept it off. Your gentle spirit and your knowledge were invaluable to the experience.” ~ R.M.

“…I now have the strength and willpower to make wise choices and focus on moderation. At the heart of it, this experience has challenged me to slow down and pay attention to what I put in my body. I am much more aware of what my body needs to be strong and healthy and my mind is working more in harmony with what my body is telling me. Over the past 10 days, I have come out of the automatic pilot mode and it feels great to pay attention to myself and honor my body with a more healthy way of eating and being. I feel a greater sense of internal calm, strength, and happiness which has had enormous benefits on my ability to handle the challenges and stresses that come my way. I am sleeping better, which is worth its weigh in gold! I am proud of my response to this cleanse and I feel empowered. I see this cleanse as being a new friend in my life that will always be there, looking over my shoulder to help me make good choices. You have given me a gift, Sally. Please know that I am deeply grateful for you and the important and thoughtful work that you do each day. Thank you! ” ~ R.S.


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Spring Detox & Cleanse

One of the best things you can do for optimal health in the spring is to help your body lighten up and clean out. Getting rid of toxins, aligning with nature, and cleaning out the stagnant energy of winter so you can improve your immune system, your lymphatic system and support your liver can help you shed that extra winter weight and greatly improve your overall health.

Get your yoga on! LIVE Classes at Ayushri Yoga this week with Sally ClintonYoga Schedule for Sept 26-30, 2022Monday, Very Gentle Yoga for Healing: 4-5:15 p.m.Wednesday, Mixed Levels Yoga: 9-10:30 a.m.We hope you can join us! Drop-ins welcome. In terms of lingering covid concerns, we have air purifiers and plenty of windows for fresh air. We are trusting that students will wear masks when they feel they need to do so, and that everyone will be mindful of any exposures or symptoms. If so, please stay home to keep the community safe. We are also trusting that as we make healthy choices and live healthy lives, our immune systems will be able to fight off pathogens and develop more natural immunity. Minimize sugar and alcohol, eat healthfully to support your immune system, and practice YOGA to keep your lymph moving and energy flowing. Hope to see you in class! Happy Fall everyone! ... See MoreSee Less
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