Spring 90-day Total Transformation

Ajunkvshealthre you ready to finally make those diet and lifestyle changes that you know you need to make?  Do you also feel that you can’t do it alone?  Have you tried many different diets, or know what you need to do, but can’t seem to stick with it?  Are you fed up and ready to say YES to healthy eating and living in a way that is enjoyable and fun without being on the diet rollercoaster ride?  Do you want to learn how to eat well without feeling deprived?  Do you want to lose weight while indulging in delicious healthy treats?  Well let’s do it!  I would love to support YOU!

In this small-group coaching program, certified Ayurvedic Holistic Lifestyle Consultant, yoga instructor and Health Empowerment Coach, Sally Clinton, will support you in taking a quantum leap in your diet and lifestyle so you can feel better in your body, cultivate self-care, find enjoyment in healthy eating, better understand your unique system, and support your body so that you can experience the health and vitality that is your birthright.

This program will start with the Spring Detox & Cleanse and follow up with 10 weeks of support to help you come out of the cleanse wisely, learn how to integrate the changes you want to make, and look at your patterns of self-sabotage that keep you from getting to where you want to be, and so much more.  This program goes from April through June, and will have you ready for summer feeling great with a healthy glow from the inside out.  This high-touch program will be limited to a small group so that participants receive the support they need.

This program is for you if:

•  You’ve done a cleanse or eat well for a while but then fall back into your old patterns
•  You want to feel better in your body, sleep better, and help clear aches and pains
•  You want to move towards your ideal weight in a way that is healthy and enjoyable, without deprivation
•  You know you need to eat more healthfully, but need help to make that shift
•  You feel like you have patterns that keep you stuck where you are
•  You tend to self-sabotage your best efforts and are ready to break that cycle
•  You tend towards emotional or addictive eating and want support to shift these tendencies
•  You understand the value of group support and want to have the camaraderie of others on a similar journey
•  You are ready to feel empowered about your body and health and want to get yourself the support you need
•  You want to enjoy eating without guilt or regret and create the health and vitality you deserve and desire!

The 90-Day Total Health Transformation Program includes:

•  The Spring Detox & Cleanse: April 1-16Sally_Tideline_0024
•  Post Cleanse Integration Support through the rest of April
•  3 Group Calls a month in May & June, with the fourth week for integration
•  Transformation Workbook for each scheduled group call
•  3 – 45 minute Individual Wellness Coaching Sessions
(1-end of April, 1-May, 1-June-live or through skype)
•  Discount on Additional Wellness Coaching
•  SOS Email and Phone Support
•  Supportive Community & Private Online Group Forum
•  Program Partner
•  Copies of all recordings and program materials
•  Tips for healthy, lasting weight loss
•  Simple, healthy recipes including yummy treats!

PLUS these Amazing Bonuses:
•  Foundations for Healthy Living home study class so you can get started right away
•  March Home Yoga Practice Adventure to get you in your body and get moving
•  Yoga class discount for local participants – unlimited classes for $10/class from April-June

and more!

This high-level support program is just $500/month!  Payment in full is required.  To pay monthly, the cost  is $535/month, charged automatically (use the subscribe button below.)

There is no better time than the present, to invest in your health and your life and be the best you can be!
I look forward to supporting you.

Spring 90-day Total Transformation

For the installment plan of three $535 payments automatically billed to your card or paypal account, use the Subscribe button below.  You do have to sign up for a free paypal account to use the installment option.

90-Day Total Transformation