I just had the wonderful gift of spending 8 days out on the water, fully immersed in the elemental world as my husband and I took time for our annual anniversary sailing adventure.  In addition to having that special time with my husband, we both receive so many benefits for our hearts and souls.  I love living on the water and feeling the pulse of the tides, and how my cells and fluid body align with that primordial wisdom.  It is such a deep remembering that happens on a cellular level.  This is one of the great healing gifts of aligning with and Being in Nature, for Nature is not separate from us, but also who we are.  When we don’t take time in Nature, it is easy to forget our own Nature.  And being in the forgetting, is a dangerous place to be.  😉IMG_4975Nature has a way of helping us to remember…to remember the beauty and miracle of Life, the exquisite Great Mystery that Is, to remember what is really important, and to reflect back to us our own Beauty.  It is awe-inspiring and nourishing at the deepest levels of Being.  Aligning with Nature helps you re-align to your own truth and wisdom from which it is easy to get disconnected in the whirlwind of modern Life. This disconnection takes a huge toll on body, mind and spirit, and on our beautiful Earth as well.I am so grateful that the spiritual sciences of Yoga & Ayurveda support us in the same way as they help us re-align with Nature and our True Nature.  They are such incredible systems of health, healing and inspired every day living.Yoga & Ayurveda Help us Re-MemberThe wisdom of Ayurveda encourages cleansing every year in both the spring and the fall not only for the countless benefits to your health, but also to support this process of re-membering.  Of realigning with and reconnecting with the deep wisdom of your own Nature Being.  Of coming back to your Self and that inherent intelligence of your body at a cellular level.  When you engage in the cleanse process, it benefits not only your physical body, but your family, your work, your creativity, your dreams.  It allows you to enter back into the tide and flow of your essential Nature.  When we do this, miracles and magic occur.