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Helping Conscious Women Entrepreneurs Become More Successful Change-Makers

If you are a visionary, change-maker, yogi, healing arts practitioner or artist, this is for you!

frustrationAre you tired of barely getting by?  Do you know that you have so much to offer, but just can’t get out of that financial rut to step more fully into a place of freedom?  Do you know you are getting in your own way, but are ready to transform those blocks that keep you stuck? Do you love this planet and Life and know that you are meant to serve in the healing that is required and want to more fully step into your gifts?

I am here to help.  As a seasoned yoga teacher, entrepreneur, holistic health practitioner and someone who has been in that same place, I know what it is like…the challenges, the frustrations, the struggle and the ups and downs.  I also know what it is like to transform my own inner blocks, visibility issues and money story, and take myself out of a place of lack and move from survive to thrive.  I have done this for myself and am helping other visionaries, change-makers and healers do this too through Transformational Coaching and my True to You™ Holistic Business Coaching packages.  This world needs all of us who care and who have a vision for a better world to be our best and most successful selves.  Isn’t it time to allow for your own transformation?

visioning-the-futureClients who work with me desire to create a nourishing, beautiful life that fully brings forth their gifts, supports optimal health, and allows them to live an abundant life of joy, ease and prosperity so they can more fully contribute to the greater good.

Having a knowledgeable, supportive and compassionate coach and mentor who believes in you, sees your potential and wants the best for you, is a gift to give yourself that can catapult you to a whole new level in your life.  Working with a coach provides someone to whom you hold yourself accountable and who can lovingly challenge you to see and heal those patterns that undermine your health and success in Life.

By allowing yourself a coaching relationship with me, you will be supported in opening up to be your best.  The coaching process can save you years or decades of living in a way that doesn’t serve you.  This is an investment you make in yourself that will pay you back many times over in numerous ways throughout your life.

Please contact me for a free Discovery Session so I can learn more about you, your dreams and desires, and we can explore if this is the right support for you.

True to You™ Holistic Business Coaching Packages

minimum 3-month commitment

(In person or from wherever you are through phone/Skype)

Discovery Packet
Ayurvedic Constitution Assessment
Pre-Intensive Check-in (30 minutes)
Half Day Intensive (3 hours)
Weekly Coaching Sessions (1 hour each. 3 mo.-12 sessions, 6 mo.-24 sessions)
E-mail support

Plus special bonuses!

Each coaching experience is customized to the individual according to your specific needs and what best serves you. Your coaching package will begin with your half day intensive to get a firm foundation in your transformation process along with an Ayurvedic Constitution Assessment to bring more conscious understanding to your nature and tendencies.  This will help you learn to work in a way that draws on your strengths and how to be more aware of the qualities that can undermine your success. After your initial intensive we will get started with your weekly sessions and practical, inspired steps to help you create the business and success you desire with focused action as well as grace, fun and ease.

3 month Coaching Package:  $5000 full pay or $2300/monthly payment

This is for you if you are already in business or have some foundational pieces in place but need help with implementation, transforming inner blocks and need accountability to stay on track so you can manifest your vision or take yourself and your business to the next level.

6 month Coaching Package:  $9000 full pay or $2000/monthly payment

This is for you if you know you need extra support and accountability or are creating a new business and need to get clear on your next steps, refine your vision and who you are here to serve, and how to put the foundational structures in place to support your success.

The coaching arrangement is a package offering and a process that requires a firm commitment to staying with the program throughout the agreed time period regardless of the fears or resistance that may come up, as is often the case in personal growth work.  I ask clients to inform me of any ways they feel their needs are not being met through the coaching program so they can follow through on their commitment and be fully satisfied that the coaching program has supported their vision of creating a successful life and business they love.  My desire is to ensure all clients are satisfied.  No refunds are offered.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need any further information.  I would love to support you in creating a successful business that is True to YOU so you can enjoy your beautiful life AND be more of a positive and successful force for change in the world.

If you’ve had a Discovery Session and we know this is the right match, you can sign up here for full pay using this link:

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True to You Business Coaching

True to You Business Coaching

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