Here in the northeast, we’ve been experiencing it all this holiday weekend…sun, rain, storms, wind, warmth, humidity, snow…just kidding on that last one.  There is an oft-used joke about the weather…”if you don’t like the weather in …[Maine]…wait a minute.”  That certainly has been true this weekend.   The weather has been unsettled and that can be….well….unsettling.

IMG_5330These times in between seasons are often unsettled…and the weather in between seasons is indicative of the nature of transitional times.  Transitions, whether they are seasonal, a stage of life, a change with your home, job, kids, family, or some aspect of living, often create some anxiety, because they literally are a period of time when things aren’t ‘settled’.  As kids and teachers head back to school, parents wave a teary goodbye, and maybe a sigh of relief too, seasonal work winds down or is gearing up, and we all shift from our summer to fall schedules, there is often a time of chaos or unpredictability as we go through the process of change.  We’re not quite into any particular groove and there is sometimes a lot to do to settle into the next season, space or routine.  This can feel stressful or anxiety producing as there is not yet any solid ground upon which to stand.  It can also be a time of excitement and unbridled energy as we open to something new.

Just like the varied weather that can be present during seasonal transitions, you might experience a variety of all sorts of emotions or feelings at this time of year…excitement, anxiety, uncertainty, sadness, relief, frustration, joy, disappointment, anticipation.  So, what to do?  For one thing, remember your breath.  Allow yourself to feel and taste the full spectrum of what you are experiencing.  Allow the tears to flow or that belly laugh to emerge when you are able, and maybe even when you are not.  Breathe into it all.  Your breath is always with you.  It is that which bridges the known and the unknown and it can help you move through transitions with trust, grace and ease.  As you notice your breath, also notice any tension you are holding in your body.  Soften.  Allow those areas of tension to melt.  Breathe into them and create some space in your body.  Relax your belly and breathe more deeply into your core.  Ground down through your feet and legs, feel your strength and draw on the grounding energy of the Earth.  It is real, is there to support you, and it does help.  Allow yourself to be present, savor the process of change, and all that it has to offer. The storms, the clouds, the sun, the rain all have a place and purpose.  Enjoy the beauty in it all.